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Quality British-made accessories for all brands of robotic lawnmower.

About Us

We specialise in the sale, installation and support of robotic lawnmowers in the UK. As part of Mower Magic we have over 20 years experience in the market.

An ever expanding range of products designed to work with all brands of robotic lawnmower.

All our products are designed in-house and have British craftsmanship built in.

We understand your requirements

As early-adoptors and users of robotic lawnmower ourselves, we know what makes a great product.

Able to listen and adapt

We talk to customers every day and listen to feedback, problems and ideas. We adapt to the changing technology landscape.

One good idea deserves another - keep an eye out for new products!

We never stop - all the time innovating and developing new products for the robotic lawnmower sector.

We believe in Value-for-Money. That doesn't mean everything should be cheap, but it does mean products are built to last!

Strong Materials

With something like a lawnmower blade, you don't want to be changing one every two weeks do you? Which is why our blades are thicker, heavier and stronger than any other blade on the market today.

Built To Last

With our non-consumable products such as Mower Shelters, we are confident that once installed you will get many years of service from them.

No Waste

We believe in minimal waste and all packaging is recyclable.

All our products are designed to be Univeral and can be used with any Robotic Lawnmower manufacturers products


Superb quality perimeter wire for all type of mower and terrain.


A range of wooden shelters that can be painted or varnished by the user to their own needs.


Stainless Steel Metal Blades.

Dynamow Perimeter Wire - as used at ALDI Distribution Site Sawley.

When ALDI contacted us to install a robotic mowing solution, we chose the Ambrogio platform complete with high-quality Dynamow Perimeter wire.

Closer Look - Let's see how our shelters are assembled

Our robotic lawnmower shelters are really easy to put together. Here we see our Product Specialist Sam taking you through the whole process.

  • You will need basic tools - a screw driver and hammer.
  • You can customise the shelter as you like.
  • The shelter comes complete with roofing felt.

Where to Buy

We don't sell direct to the public, but you can buy from our partners:.

Mower Magic

Based in Lincolnshire, Mower Magic have been dealing with Robotic Lawnmowers for over 20 years.


Deal with experts passionate about Garden Machinery. Great advice, service and aftersales care from a team who really understand about groundcare.

The Robot Mower

The Robot Mower is a dealer for Ambrogio and Belrobotics Robot Lawn Mowers to the domestic and commercial market. They sell mowers and are based in Essex.

Saul Goodman

Ceo & Founder

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Sara Wilsson


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Jena Karlis

Store Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we get more questions we will expand this page.

Our robotic lawnmower blades are made from high tensile stainless steel.

Yes we expect our blades to last at least an entire mowing season.

The mower shelters are delivered flat-packed for easy home assembly.

Heavy Duty - 3.4mm thick - wire cable for Robot Mowers. Ideal for perimeter boundary cable, guide cable and loop cable.



Here are some of our products.

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  • Wire
  • Shelters
  • Blades



Wire Test Loop

Our Team

Meet some of the key members of our team.

John Hall

Chief Executive Officer

Pete Dixon

International Sales Manager

Sam Mant

Trade Product Specialist

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We would love to hear from you. Please visit Lincoln in the UK - it's lovely!.

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Magic House, Station Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln. LN6 9AL




01522 690005