Product information

  • Category: Heavy Duty Perimeter Wire
  • Size: 3.4mm
  • Length: 250m, 500m, 800m

Quality heavy duty perimeter wire for Robotic Lawnmower

Compatible with all brands of Robotic Lawnmower.

Pure tinned copper.

PVC coating is extra tough.

Very low resistance.

Tinned Copper (TC) core is the premium choice for perimeter cable cores offering many years of hassle free robot mower installation. The high copper content has a high conductivity with added protection from the tinning process.

Tinned Copped (TC) cable is vastly superior to (CCA) Copper Clad Aluminum cable, which is often used as a low cost perimeter wire. CCA is lighter weight, less durable and has a much higher resistance (for equivalent core sizes). Low wire resistance is essential for most modern robotic mowers that calibrate wire signal output according to the wire length, this calculation is based TC Pure copper wire resistances, this is especially important on larger or complex installations to ensure a high-quality signal throughout the installation.

CCA cable is also much weaker and prone to wire breaks with natural movement of the ground.

Core: Single Core

Core Material: Pure Copper Tinned. Class 5 to IEC 60228.

No. Conductors: 32 [0.20mm TCW]

Conduction Area: 1.0sqmm

Insulation Type: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) (Type GP8 to BS 7655)

Insulation Colour: Green

Insulation Radial Thickness: 1.04mm

Overall Diameter (Nominal): 3.44mm

Operating Temperature Range: -40 (fixed installation) to +90°C

Conductor Resistance: 20 Ohms/km (Max)

Insulation Resistance: 5000 Mohm/km at 20°C